New Director of Human Resources

The City of Stamford is pleased to announce Alfred Cava, a 40-year veteran in labor relations, collective bargaining and personnel management, as the new Director of Human Resources. As Director, Cava will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City’s Human Resource Department, which oversees benefits and labor relations for over 1,700 City employees in Stamford. The Director of Human Resources reports to Corporation Counsel Kathryn Emmett.

Cava comes to Stamford from Greenwich — where he served for over 20 years — first as Director of Human Resources and later as Director of Labor Relations. Prior to his position in Greenwich, he worked for over 18 years in various Human Resources management positions in Yonkers, New York.

Alfred Cava
Alfred Cava, Director of Human Resources

Across his lengthy career Cava has managed and implemented on-boarding processes, compliance training and enforcement, and performance reviews. He has been directly involved in union negotiations, grievance complaints and standardizing procedures. Cava has also maintained a teaching position at Pace University since 1987 and at Excelsior College since 2017. His position as an educator has required him to become familiar with the latest standards in Human Resources. Cava’s background proves he is a highly-qualified professional in his field, joining Stamford’s team of veteran managers and administrators.

Cava has acted as a change agent in his previous positions and joins Stamford with plans to streamline department operations, automate routine procedures, and use technology solutions to modernize the department. Stamford’s Director of Human Resources has been filled as an interim position since 2018. The position was previously held by Clemon Williams.