Fixit Stamford

Contact the City of Stamford?

Do you need to contact the City of Stamford? There are a variety of methods to express your thoughts to the City.

Most concerns can be addressed directly by submitting a ticket to Fixit Stamford: This system generates a ticket directly to the City Department that can assist.

Some concerns may require talking with your elected official. Stamford has 40 members on its Board of Representatives, two members per district. You can look up your representative here:

The Board of Representatives holds its regular board meeting the first Monday of a new month, all meetings can be seen on their calendar:

Finally, residents can speak to our Mayor directly by scheduling time during the next Mayor's Night In:

All information about City Operations can be found on our website Our website is currently being redesigned to be more user friendly.

Some general information is reposted on our Facebook page and neighborhood-specific information is reposted on Nextdoor.

The City relies on contact with residents to address the concerns of our community. We hope this information was helpful!

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